What Is NBN?

The NBN network is an upgrade to Australia’s current phone and internet infrastructure which will provide fast and reliable internet services to all Australians no matter where they are. NBN uses a range of broadband technologies including fire-optic cables, existing copper lines, fixed wireless and satellite to deliver internet.
It is expected that NBN will be completed by 2020 in which all businesses will need to switch to the NBN network as the old networks will no longer work.

These changes will affect your telephones, internet and fax.

Why Vet IT Pro for NBN, VOIP and Fax?

As an IT Service Provider we provide IT support for vets. Time and time again vets would call us to fix issues with their phones, fax or internet which we would troubleshoot and if there was an issue with the lines, we would have to refer the customer to their telco provider.

Vet IT Pro becoming a telecommunications provider means that we can assist vets from a to z allowing the clinic to concentrate on the business and let us take care of the IT infrastructure from hardware, software through to internet and phones providing a tailored solution for each store.

At Vet IT Pro, we make it simple to do business by connecting you whenever and wherever you are

We provide nationwide service coverage, an extensive full suite of products, and simple to understand pricing, making us exceptionally easy to deal with.