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    The whole point of installing it on the server is to have Intercept X for server included, otherwise it completely defeats the purpose of us putting it on there.

    Below is how to do it, starting from the Management screen for the client. Should anyone have questions about any of this, please let me know.

    1. Click on Server Protection on the left


    2. Click on Policies on the left (see below for 3)

    3.  Click on Base Policy – Threat Protection


    4. Click on Settings

    5. Under Runtime Protection, toggle all the options to on

    6. Enable Deep Learning and Enable Root Cause Analysis

    7. Tick Enable all Server Protection default features.

    8. Hit save in the top left

    9. Hit save at the top right corner:

    10. You can then proceed to download the software through the Protect Devices option on the left.

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