Vet IT Pro Support

Technology is a big part of clinics and when everything is running right technology helps immensely. When it doesn’t though, it can drain resources and really slow down operations. Our helpdesk is there for times that it just won’t work, and you need help with troubleshooting.

Some of the issues we face daily:

– I cannot send an email

– My Internet has stopped working

– The server just crashed

– My computer is running really slow

– I cannot print to the label printer

There are many potential explanations where an IT issue might occur, and our goal is to resolve it as quickly as possible. We understand that an issue is a hinderance and the clinic needs to get back and functioning efficiently and effectively.

We have agreements that can assist each clinic, each with its own benefits and tailored solution.

Vet IT Pro support services are not exclusive to clinics with agreements.
Casual rates for support are available in which when you need us all you need to do is contact us via one of our contact methods and our team can assist remotely or onsite if needed.

*Metro Cities includes – Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth

New to Vet IT Pro

Next time you have an IT issue where you need help simply contact us and quote IVA2021 – (followed by your VeterniaryName).

You will receive 1 hour of helpdesk support for free. Not sure whether the issue can be resolved within an hour, not a problem our team will inform you if there will be any further work needed that will incur any charges.

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